Tugas Ulangan dibawa kerumah

1. What does markup language to blentity content

A. Tag.            C.Functions
B. Script.         D.Comands
2. Reavange the code to surrend the text "I am learning html on SMK PUSDIKHUBAD CIMAHI" with opening and closing <p> tags
B. I am learning html
C. <p> tags
D. </p>
3. Feel in the blank 
<head> </head>
4. Rearange the code to create a basic html document stucture
A. <head></head>     C.</body>
B. </html>                   D.<html>
5. What type of editor is used to edit  html code? Html editor
A.   . . . Html.     C.   Exe
B. . . . Exe.         D. Csc
6. What is a correct extension for html file..
A. .html   C. .txt
B. .exe      D. .Css
7. What should you put the title tag?
A. Betweet the head tag   
B. After the html tag.     
C. Before the html tag
D. Bstween the body tag
8. What is html?
A. Make up.             C.Programming
B. Scripting language.  D.hyper text library
9. Feel on the blank
<body>This is of text</body>
10. What text a line break without and extra space between the text block..
A. ab.     C. Line break
B. Br.       D. Break
11. Feel in the blank
<p> this is a pra </p>
<p> this is a line break </p>
12. With two text bellow make the text bold..
A. B and strong  C. Sub and sup
B. I and em           D. Ins and del
13. What text are you to indicate heading 
A. Header    C.  Head
B. H1- H6     D.  Heading
14. How do you create a horizontal lake in html?
15. Make the text a html comand <  . . . This is a coment>
16. General html element cinsist of
A. Only text 
B. Opening text,content, closing text
C. The body text
D. Only text
17. What is the role of atribute in html?
A. If modifies the tag
B. The tag canot have atribute
C. Serves just a coment
18. What atribute is just align of content a element to the right, center or left 
A. Direction.    C. Align
B. Aligmen.      D. Location
19. What atribute should be used to at a image url?
A. Src.             C. Address
B. Location.    D. Url
20. What two atribute can be used to resize image in size html code?
A. Size.      C.Quantity
B. Height  D. Weight
21. What tag is used create a link to web page 
<a href="">
22. Wich attribute of the link tag content the am location that you are trying to link to
A. Href.       C. Location
B. Address. D. Target


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